What To Expect From A Speeding Ticket In Fairfax

Given all these factors, it is important to know what to expect when you get a speed limit, and what exactly to expect when speeding. Even if it doesn’t look like something serious, exceeding the speed limit can result in a ticket that stays on the list forever. Speed violations can result in up to six months or even a year in prison.

As a result, you should ensure that you are aware that those guilty of speeding in other states would actually be charged with a crime here in Virginia. With Fairfax County cracking down so hard on speeding, expect your speeding could potentially be one of the most expensive in Virginia’s history. Call your speeding attorney in Fairfax or make an appointment for more detailed information about your case.

What can I do when I look at my ticket? If you do not have to appear in court, chances are you have been found guilty of a traffic offence. The ticket says’ excessive speed ‘or’ reckless driving ‘. Sometimes they state that it is an “infringement” or an “administrative offence.” If you do not specify, you will need to search for more information than just the specified speed. It should indicate whether you are needed (or not), and if you have been issued, the amount of the ticket.

Fairfax, Virginia, treats speeding slightly differently from other jurisdictions because it takes a very different approach to the rest of the country. While in other jurisdictions speeding is considered a traffic violation only, in Virginia it has been codified as a reckless driving offense, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor if you exceed the speed limit by 20 miles per hour or more or drive faster than 50 miles per hour for a time. That would basically be a slap on the wrist in other states, but it would lead to a permanent criminal record instead. If you’re like me, that’s no big deal.

Unlike a speeding offence, there is the option of paying the fine online in advance – one way to plead guilty. This differs from reckless driving in that the prosecution has a defendant who must appear at a court hearing.

For one thing, the best option is to get a lawyer to help you build a strong defense. On the other hand, a lawyer or a duty defender. I am sure that most people know that they have experience of this kind of thing in court, but I would like someone to explain to me what possibilities there are to reduce or at least mitigate the actual sentence to something that is more manageable for your personal situation. If the charge cannot be reduced / dismissed, a good lawyer may also be willing to help mitigate the damage so that there is less impact on you Personal life after sentencing. I have no legal experience of speeding in Fairfax, so I’m not sure most people I know have experience of such “things” in court. But I wanted someone with experience and knowledge of these kinds of things, someone from the legal side of things and someone like me who can explain to you what it is like when an indictment is reduced and dismissed because it is impossible to be not only a possibility, but also a very probable possibility.