Virginia Sex Offender Law

What You Should Know about the Virginia Sex Offender Registries offenders must register with the Virginia State Police or their local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which they reside. Below is some important information about people who may need to register their status.

Guidelines for registration of sex offenders Convicted sex offenders have to register within a certain period of time depending on certain scenarios or have to re-register based on the following scenarios: Each person must personally register within three days of their release from prisons or a government civil law predatory program for sexually violent predators, or their release from prisons, prisons, probation, or probation Within three days of receiving an additional sentence or suspended sentence Within three days of the change of residence / mailing address in Virginia, even if the sex offender becomes homeless, or ten days before the move if he or she moves out of the state Within three days of a legal ruling by court order; if the employment status changes regardless of whether it is in or outside of Virginia; and a change in educational status regardless of whether it is enrollment, termination, or a degree Within three days of purchase, sale, or any other change in vehicle registration Convicted sex offenders must also report a change in email address or other forms of electronic communication names within 30 minutes of the change. You can submit this electronically, but must register personally within three days.

When it comes to re-registering without any of these scenarios happening, there are still guidelines to keep an eye on registered sex offenders. For example, all sex offenders must be re-registered every two years and photographed by the Virginia State Police or local law enforcement.

Offenders who are listed as “sexual” must re-register once a year. Otherwise you have to register every 180 days. The offenders listed as “sexually violent” must register again every 90 days. Otherwise, the request is changed to every 30 days. International travel there are always concerns about whether registered sex offenders can travel internationally. In Virginia, each registrant must notify their place of residence jurisdiction of intended international travel at least 21 days prior to the planned travel date. As soon as the information has been made available to the relevant law enforcement agency, it will be transmitted to the US Marshals Service.

Prohibited activities the register contains certain guidelines that are based on the conditions of the perpetrator’s release. Some offenders may not live within 500 feet of a school or public park that shares a border with a school. Others cannot hang around within 30 meters of specific premises that have a school, childcare program, or playground, gym, or other facility where children would reasonably be. Sexually violent offenders may not be present during school hours, school-related activities, or on a property during the hours that the property is used by a public or private school for school-related and / or sponsored activities.

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