Reckless Driving By Speed Charges

Virginia has a general law on reckless driving, but it also has its own law that allows a defendant to be charged with “reckless driving.” In the case of defendants charged with the crime of reckless driving for driving too fast, the lawyer of the reckless driver can assist them.

What is the maximum speed allowed? It is also possible for a suspect to be charged with reckless driving at excessive speed as long as he does not exceed a certain limit.

This means that a person driving in adverse weather conditions can be convicted of reckless driving if he or she is below the stated speed limit, if the prosecutor can convince the court that his or her speed is too dangerous for current road conditions. This makes it illegal for a motorist to drive at a speed that endangers a person’s life, body or property, regardless of the speed limit.

While reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor, a conviction can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and / or six months in prison, or both. Penalties may be imposed on the driver, his insurance company, the insurance company and other third parties.

The Virginia DMV awards six demerit points to a driver’s license if he is driving more than 80 km / h too fast, 20 km / h over the limit or speeding off the road. Driving licence points for reckless driving and speeding remain on his licence for up to 11 years. A conviction and license points can disqualify certain career opportunities. Insurers are likely to charge someone convicted of reckless driving and speeding a much higher rate than for a speeding charge.

Because reckless driving is a crime, it is incumbent on prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have broken the law. There are a number of objections that can be raised, including the argument that there is no evidence that he actually drove at the speed prosecutors allege.

Radar guns and speed – Detection devices can be incorrectly used and calibrated. An experienced, ruthless driving lawyer from Virginia probably knows that. A Virginia lawyer whose experience represents clients accused of “reckless driving” or “speeding” can help develop a defense strategy against these charges. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate a plea deal to avoid prosecution, face lesser charges or get a reduced sentence. To learn more, contact a traffic-related attorney in Virginia if you have been charged with reckless driving or speeding