Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws

The drug charges are treated harshly in the Prince William County and the Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws due to the increasing crimes in Virginia for many reasons. The drug crimes are considered as the gateway of the major offenses like the crimes of violence and the property crimes. Moreover, it allows the different options for non-conviction and variety of other programs that they must find someone who is charged with the drug offense. The first time drug offenders in Prince William have many options before the conviction on the major drug charges. The matters of drug charges sometimes get more quickly if the person is convicted of the same act earlier as well.

If you are facing serious penalties as a result of the Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws, then it is necessary for you to hire the experienced drug lawyer in your defense, for the removal of the serious penalties imposed on you.

Drug Scheduling

The charges involved with the schedule controlled I or Ii substances illicit various penalties in the Prince William County, even for the simple possession of them in any case. As if the simple possession of the small amount of Cocaine in Virginia is considered as the part of the felony offense and this many not occur in some other places. The schedule I or II controlled substances are regarded as the part of the drug abuse that does not have any therapeutic value. Thus the possession of the drugs is punished harshly. The possession of the schedule I or II controlled substance is regarded as the class 5 felony that is punishable by the people for one to ten years in prison or in the discretion of the court for almost 12 months in jail. The Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws are very different form the drug-related laws in the other states including the Maryland and DC. 

Consequences Related To the Drug Possession

There are broad range of consequences linked with the drug possession depending on the type of drug that is caught by the police authorities. In some cases, the convicted individual is even sent to the jail, whereas in some other cases the individual can get released even without any need of paying heavy fine for drug possession.  According to the Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws, the pre-trial supervision includes the drug testing or other major requirements. The person may not be able to leave the Commonwealth of Virginia until the case is finished. There are a variety of things that have an impact on the short-term consequences which includes that whether the person has been charged previously or not, there are different drugs involves, the drug quantity and the situations associated with this case. There are long-term consequences linked to the drug-related crime in Prince William. If the person is simply charged with the drug-related consequences, then the case might be adjudicated. Hope this article helped you in knowing about the Prince William Virginia Narcotics laws, and you are welcome to contact us anytime if you need any guidance for your case.