Malicious Wounding and Unlawful Wounding in Virginia

Malicious wounding is a very serious and strict issue felony in Virginia Country. The Virginia states and its codes says that it is very unlawful to attack a person maliciously by shooting, stabbing, cutting on his any body part or giving any person wound to any person by any mean or any intention which give him scars on his body and he will get bodily injured, the person will give the other person harmful scars with intention to disfigure, maim, kill or want to make him disable.

The Virginia code laws offense it as according to class 3 felony on the authorities with some strict penalties which was ranging from 20 years of jail for a prison, and can be fined more than 10,000 dollars. The Virginia law 18.2-51 states that if an act is done intentionally but not maliciously then the defendant may be guilty of the felony of class 6. In class 6 felony the criminal may be get punished by one year or more than five years in jail as a prison. Or they would be jailed for 1 to 12 months or may be fined up to more than 2500 dollars USD.

Under Virginia’s law, the crime of wounding maliciously was committed by:

  • Causing injury to the other victim
  • Maliciously injured
  • Hurting with the intent of disfiguring, maim, or disabling.

Malicious and unlawful wounding were punished by other more severely when a crime is committed against authority employees who were working as certain protection employees and serving their work for the help of society as public duties who was defendants and the one who has the reason to get known these employees are protected employees, these protected employees include:

  • Fire Fighters
  • Different Law enforcement officers
  • Search and rescue personnel officers to save public from any malicious harm
  • Emergency medical services and personnel.

There is a slight difference between malicious wounding and unlawful wounding, in unlawful wounding there is a case of defendant if he causes any injury or harm without doing any malicious act or do this without the intention of to kill a person, then this is the situation when a criminal defendant commits the crime of unlawful wounding.

This type of wounding is a felony or maybe it is a misdemeanor. E.g. if the defendant does an act of throwing beer in a group of different peoples and this bottles cause harm to a person by hitting him on his head, this might be an act of unlawful wounding. The defendant has not done this crime with intention but the next person was got injured. This act was not malice but it caused harm to next person. According to the Virginia codes 18.2-6, the unlawful wounding will have:

Which can cause injury in the commission of any felony

Unlawful wounding to any other person under the commission of felony class 6 is a crime too. And maybe in it, a felony of this class is a misdemeanor.