Juvenile Law in Henrico Virginia

Juvenile law in Henrico Virginia is a criminal law that address the criminal charges against an individual who is considered not only enough to be held responsible for any criminal offense they have been accused for. Under the juvenile law in Henrico Virginia, the defined age for a person to be held responsible for a criminal offense is 18 years. Any individual less than 18 years old in considered as a juvenile. The juvenile law in Henrico Virginia has a distinct objective and treats juvenile in a distinctive manner as compared to adults. Under the juvenile law in Henrico Virginia, restorative and rehabilitative sanctions are utilized in a more frequent manner with an objective to prevent a juvenile from future criminality. It is very rare and occurrence is less than 1 percent where a juvenile case has been transferred to an adult court for being charged for a serious felony crime. Under the juvenile law in Henrico Virginia, juvenile justice system includes juvenile and domestic relation court, juvenile correctional facility, and detention center.

A Juvenile Court Intake Officer?

The officer who takes and assess complaints related to a criminal behavior of juvenile to the juvenile court is a juvenile court intake officer. A juvenile intake court office determines if there are adequate evidence to file a petition in the juvenile court for a juvenile criminal offense. A juvenile intake court office has the authority to handle such cases in an informal manner by not transferring the petition to the judge. A well-experienced criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with a juvenile court intake officer.

What Is Detention?

Detention is referred to physically confining or keeping of a juvenile in a secured facility. In Henrico Virginia, a judge, magistrate or even an intake office have the authority to detain a juvenile for any reason defined under the juvenile law in Henrico Virginia. Detention is most of the times utilized to keep a juvenile for an impending court hearing. Juveniles are mostly held in a detention center in Henrico Virginia.

When Can Someone Be Detained?

Under the juvenile law in Henrico Virginia, to detain a juvenile it is mandatory for an intake officer, magistrate or a judge to find a potential reason about the commission of a serious crime by a juvenile or violation of condition of the parole or probation. A juvenile can be detained in case there is visible and convincing proof that releasing the juvenile can cause a visible and significant threat to a property or a person or to his / her own health or life. In addition to that, a juvenile can be detained if he /she has threatened to escape or is an escapee from another state.

An experienced Henrico Virginia juvenile lawyer will be able to help a juvenile to navigate through the criminal charges, advise them on proper course of action, and keep them informed of their rights.