Class 5 Felony Virginia

Every time a person does a crime, he breaks the law. Each type of crime has a different conviction. The court will not send you to jail for ten years for every crime you commit. The state has different categories of felonies. Committing a certain crime falls under a particular category of crime. For example, possessing a drug is a class 5 felony, and you can go to jail for ten years. Murder is a class 1 felony, and you can face a death penalty for it. You need to understand each category of crime. You need to know the law and the punishments for each type of felony.

The class 5 felony in Virginia

The crimes which fall under the class 5 felonies include a battery, assault, manslaughter, possession of certain drugs, domestic violence, etc. These crimes are also known as the “wobblers.” The reason is that the individual can get a conviction of a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the crime. A felony conviction results in $2500 fine or jail for ten years or less. The misdemeanor conviction results in $2500 fine or jail for 12 months, not more.

The criminals are all over places. If someone hurts you, injures you or assaults you, you should go against the criminal in the court. Make sure that you go to the court for assault and battery charges. These are the crimes that fall under the class 5 felonies. The court will send the criminal to jail for a period of one to ten years. Taking help from a lawyer will be the best way in which you can get justice for yourself.

Know the law

Virginia takes the law very seriously. The state severely punishes the criminals who are found guilty of an offense. If the person makes the first offense, the court has an option. The court can dismiss the charges against the person if he completes the probation set by the court. It is one way in which the court helps the people. It is not necessary that you will go to jail if it is your first offense.

Class 5 conviction for possession

The court will convict you of a class 5 felony if you are in possession of a drug. Many people do not know the definition of possession. Many people think that only handling the drug is a crime. You should know that even if the drug is in your car, it is also called possession. You may not be aware that there is heroin or cocaine under the desk of your office. Not knowing is not an option, the court will charge you with possession. The law says that if you have the drug in a place where you can access it, it means you possess that drug. There are many cases in which criminals frame other people. If someone is framing you for possession of a drug you should take help. Always call a criminal lawyer. If you do not do so, the court will put class 5 felony charges on you.