What To Expect From A Speeding Ticket In Fairfax

Given all these factors, it is important to know what to expect when you get a speed limit, and what exactly to expect when speeding. Even if it doesn’t look like something serious, exceeding the speed limit can result in a ticket that stays on the list forever. Speed violations can result in up to … Read more

Virginia Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offences are generally considered to be public order offences. They are not crimes or misdemeanors, but are considered criminal by nature. That’s how the code defines it. A violation is anything that violates a public order but is not a crime or misdemeanor. The degree to which something is a “violation” of something that … Read more

Speed Detection Tools In Dinwiddie

In order to obtain a ticket for speeding, the officer who determines that the speed has been exceeded must prove that the person has been driving too fast. The most commonly used tools for detecting speeding include radar, lidar and pacemakers. If an officer has demonstrated a speeding offence, he can resort to other investigative … Read more

Reckless Driving By Speed Charges

Virginia has a general law on reckless driving, but it also has its own law that allows a defendant to be charged with “reckless driving.” In the case of defendants charged with the crime of reckless driving for driving too fast, the lawyer of the reckless driver can assist them. What is the maximum speed … Read more

Loudoun Virginia Drug Laws

Loudoun Virginia drug laws are very strict and it is important for every individual to follow these laws and regulations. Drugs are divided into schedules in the state of Virginia as in other states. These schedules contain the charges and penalties that are based on the drugs mentioned in each schedule. According to the Controlled … Read more

Malicious Wounding and Unlawful Wounding in Virginia

Malicious wounding is a very serious and strict issue felony in Virginia Country. The Virginia states and its codes says that it is very unlawful to attack a person maliciously by shooting, stabbing, cutting on his any body part or giving any person wound to any person by any mean or any intention which give … Read more

Mechanical Violation Attorney Arlington Virginia

A mechanical violation attorney Arlington Virginia can help you fight your case if you have been charged with an offense of this kind. A number of vehicle problems and modifications can be categorized as a mechanical violation. The laws for mechanical violation were developed to ensure the safety of vehicles being driven by individuals. Therefore, … Read more

Narcotics laws in Shenandoah Virginia

Drug laws in Virginia are very straightforward and harsh, with the penalties associated with the type of drug crime and amount of dry involved in the offense. Virginia drug charges comprise crimes linking to marijuana, controlled substances, simulated controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia.  Common Virginia narcotics charges comprise ownership, ownership with intent to distribute, delivery, manufacturing, … Read more

Petersburg Virginia Computer Crimes Laws

Petersburg – Virginia Computer Crimes Laws As per the Code of Virginia, 18.2-152.4. Computer trespass; penalty. It shall be unlawful for any person, with malicious intent, to: Temporarily or permanently remove, halt, or otherwise disable any computer data, computer programs or computer software from a computer or computer network;  Cause a computer to malfunction, regardless … Read more

Possession of a Controlled Substance in Shenandoah Virginia

According to Virginia Law possession of controlled substance is illegal unless the substance was obtained from a valid prescription or authorized by the Drug Control Act. In case you have been found to be in possession of controlled substance, you will face criminal charges in Shenandoah Virginia. Heroin making a substantial comeback in Shenandoah Virginia … Read more